Become a Client

All are welcome to be clients if you have a legitimate business in Louisiana and if you are interested in doing work in the coastal sector for the state.

  1. You must fill out and submit the online “Client Intake Form" This form provides company contact information, number of employees, average annual gross sales, and date of establishment. It also requests information on company ownership (woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned) as well as socio-economic classifications (disadvantaged, HUBZone, small business, etc.)
  2. When the Client Intake Form is received by CTAC, you will be assigned to a CTAC representative who will contact you with a request for additional information, possibly schedule a meeting with you and further discuss your needs.
By signing up for CTAC services, you are also agreeing to sign up for our sister company APEX Accelerators (formerly Louisiana PTAC) services as well. There is no charge for LA CTAC or LA APEX Accelerators services. CTAC does not guarantee awards on contracts.

    Point of Contact

    Physical Address

    Mailing Address

    This information is requested solely for the purpose of determining compliance with federal civil rights law, and your response will not affect your eligibility to use our services. By providing this information, you will assist us in assuring that this program is administered in a nondiscriminatory manner.



    Company Information


    Date Business was Established

    Business Ownership: Check all that apply. (Defined as 51% owned and controlled.)

    Business Certifications and Determinations. Check all that apply.

    Have you previously done business with any government agency or prime contractor?

    Are you a prime contractor, sub-contractor, or both?

    Generally describe or list the products or services you wish to offer to the government:

    List the types of services you might want to receive from our center:

    How did you hear about us?

    Service Commitment

    What to expect...

    • Individual Business Assistance

    • Information on all government levels: local, state and federal

    • Identification of bid opportunities

    • Registration & Certifications

    • Training events

    • Networking / matchmaking events

    • Confidentiality concerning your company pertaining to any third party, with exception of our funding sources, without express consent by your company

    What we expect...

    • Communication

    • Changes in your company’s POC

    • Let us know your service needs

    • Updates in Company Capabilities

    • How is it going? Report any Federal, State or Local Contract or Subcontract Awards Information

    I understand that if the expectations of this Service Commitment are not met, CTAC reserves the right to change my status from Active to Inactive. By submitting this form, I certify the above information is correct.